About Us

"AdSanjal" is a brand new innovative ad distribution system introduced by Mantra Ideas Pvt. Ltd.. This ad distribution system enables advertisers to know exactly what they are paying for with with informative & fully accurate statistical data. The major aim of our platform is to distribute different ads through websites because this the only way that can help you in meeting the modern world advertising standards. It also lays down a proper a marketing plan and effective future marketing strategy in front of you.

By choosing "AdSanjal", you can easily track every single bit of information about your ads at one single interface. "AdSanjal" offers you complete details of actual impression rate, clicks and conversions, effective CPM, and lots of other services in one package. This brand new ad distribution system also empowers advertisers by providing them opportunities to change Ad banners right from their dashboard. For making slight or major changes in your Ad’s, you won’t have to ask app owners every time. The multi-functional dashboard of "AdSanjal" will allow you to make necessary changes to your ads, deploy ads, change Ad banners without asking anyone else.

The major long term benefit of this unique ad distribution system is that it will educate and train advertisers in structuring their future marketing strategies. By our detailed statistical reports, you will be able to decide which platform or website is beneficial for future marketing and which is not?

We have our product www.adsanjal.com almost ready which has been tested in some of our apps.With 4 apps with 50 thousand downloads average in each, we are in talk with other Nepali developers to join our ad network which will comprise different types of apps.

We will provide each advertiser with login, so that they can constantly analyze the impressions / clicks that ads are getting, so that it becomes much easier to convince advertisers. They can decide how much or little they want to spend monthly, and they’ll never be charged more than that amount.

For any queries, Contact us via Contact Form or write to us at info@adsanjal.com